We cannot be happier with the continued service and relationship, it's been a genuine pleasure.

— Skudo USA

This is one of the best teams we've hired in recent years. They are all all-stars and it showed.

— SavATree

The kindest people to work with. Are committed to providing excellent customer service at affordable rates.

— An Inspired Story

A simple, complete WordPress website built with Beaver Builder.


Stock photography (up to 10 images or illustrations) to support the look and feel of your site.


Clear guidance throughout the process.


Training on how to use your new website.


Hosting and maintenance for your new website. We’ll make sure it stays safe, healthy, and open for business.


Ongoing care: We ask all of our clients to sign up for a Care Plan first and foremost for security reasons. Outdated plugins are the number one reason for hacked websites. Our plans also allow us to keep an eye on your site so if anything happens, we’ll be notified and have fixed it before you even know there was an issue. We’re here to support you and we want you to succeed.

Custom functionality. This is a simple website. However, you can add plugins or customizations later on. Examples: e-commerce, connecting an API or external service. These can be added later as a separate project.


Design mockups. We’ll be creating your site in the browser for efficiency, there won’t be any static mockups provided.


Animation. These days many websites have a lot of moving parts. Any type of complex animation would be a separate project. However, we can add simple animations on photos, text, rows, or columns - based on the native settings included within the Beaver Builder modules. We can also provide up to 3 animated icons of your choice from Lordicon.


Logo design. If you are in need of a logo, that would be a separate project that should be completed before the Pressto website.


Copywriting. If you would like help writing your copy, we can assist! This would be a separate project.


Meetings. We have 2 key meetings built into the project (Kick-Off and Review). However, any additional meetings are not included.


training session is all you'll need to start using your Pressto website

How We Get There

  1. . Meet & Greet

    We'll meet, get to know each other better, ask questions, and learn a bit more about your business so we're all on the same page before we begin.

  2. . Questions

    Our secret sauce lies in the questions we ask. We'll gather a whole bunch of information about you and your business in order to prepare for building your new Pressto website.

  3. . Built for Approval

    Once all your content is ready and signed-off, we build your website in a few, quick stages with your feedback and approval.

  4. . Testing, 1, 2, 3

    We’ll perform a few tests to make sure the website runs seamlessly on the latest devices and browsers.

  5. . Blast Off!

    Once the site is tested and you've given final approval, we launch the new website, let the celebrations begin!

  6. . Onward

    We handle the hosting and maintenance, keeping an eye on everything to support you and your business.

hours on average to complete Pressto websites, compared to 200 hours for custom sites

What it Is

It is a simple WordPress website.
Anyone can use it, including you, after a simple training session. 40% of the internet is made up of WordPress websites, so it’s well supported.


It is a website that will grow with you and your business.


It is a huge time saver.
Instead of spending time researching domain names, hosting, and website builders, we do it all for you.


Most importantly, it is a fully completed website with ongoing support and maintenance for peace of mind.
You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time.

What it Isn't

It isn’t a layout that we use for everyone.
We start every website with Beaver Builder, which isn’t a layout, but rather a website builder.


It isn’t complex. There is no complex functionality included.
Think of it as a brochure or fancy business card with simple pages that just have text on them. However, you can add functionality and customization to the website later.


It isn’t a fully custom website.
However, it is a customizable layout. What that means is, that we will not dig deep into the design details or your target audience. This is a great “starter” website, proof that you are real and legitimate.

Our Work