Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pressto websites start at $2,900. Your final pricing mostly depends on the number of pages needed. These can be considered a simple "brochure website". We can also provide estimates for custom functionality. 

We understand that price is important to you, but so are quality, guarantees, ease-of-use, modern technology and caring for your customers. We can’t give you the lowest price but we can build a fantastic website that will smoothly take you through the coming years without hassle, without technical hang-ups and without a lot of work and worry on your part. What you’re really paying for is the freedom to not worry about your website or learning how to build and maintain your website. Think, “Would you rather live in a home built with a steady, strong, and safe metal framework or one that’s built on popsicle sticks and bandaids?” Here’s why using a professional web designer saves you time and money.

Most Pressto websites can be built within one month, once we have all your content and answers. With every website project, content is always the holdup. We can help with copywriting and proofing, but it is not included in the typical Pressto project (unless specified otherwise).

Yes, even though we’re starting from our standard layout we will make the website personalized to you. Our setup just allows us to get ahead faster saving you time and money.

Our Pressto websites are fully customizable, just like any WordPress website. We can start small now and gradually add more features or plan on a larger phase two project as you gain more clients.

We love WordPress because it gives us full control over the website. Avoid Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly, these platforms are limiting for SEO and future customization. You have no control over your code and they essentially own your website. Once you build a site on those platforms you cannot change hosting plans or migrate to another CMS that allows more customization.

You can think of a Care Plan as preventative maintenance for your WordPress website. Most business owners don't know they should be updating WordPress and its plugins on a weekly basis. Outdated WordPress versions and plugin versions are the number one reason that sites get hacked. 

Our Care Plans include: hosting, SSL certificate, WordPress core updates, plugin updates, preventative maintenance, daily file and database backups, site uptime monitoring, performance reports, monthly health reports, and broken link monitoring. You can see the full details for these plans on our main website.

We ask all of our clients to sign up for a Care Plan first and foremost for security reasons. Outdated plugins are the number one reason for hacked websites. Our plans also allow us to keep an eye on your site so if anything happens, we’ll be notified and have fixed it before you even know there was an issue. We’re here to support you and we want you to succeed.

Our Pressto websites include 10 stock graphics (images or illustrations) from iStock Essentials or Adobe Stock. It does NOT include content and copywriting, however, we do offer these items a la carte.

Our standard Pressto website does not include e-commerce, however, we can provide an estimate if you wish to accept payments on your website.

All of our websites are set up with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. We can provide you with guidance as you create your content, and give you tips on how to track your rankings. We also offer ongoing SEO services, just ask when we meet and we'll tell you all about it!