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  • Current Website/Hosting Information
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  • How you currently access email
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  • Written content for each page

Content Guide

Writing content can be stressful. Our aim is to make the process less daunting by providing guidelines and resources for website copy writing.

Each page on your website should include the following:

  • Page Title

    The title should describe the content on the page.

  • Page Content

    Approximately 300 words (more is usually better!) about the topic of the page. Be sure to include sub headings and bullet-point lists.

  • Images

    Images should support the topic of the page

  • Call to Action

    Calls-to-action typically include a subtitle, short encouraging sentence, a button to click on and sometimes an image. 

Home Page

The homepage is the most viewed page on your website and often your visitors first impression of your company.

This page should act as an overview of all of the information available on your website. Be concise and compelling and invite visitors to click through and learn more.

About Page

The about page is where visitors go to learn about who you are and what sets you apart. These days, people want to research a company before they hire them, especially for companies that provide in-home services.

Typical things to include are names, bios, history, and why you are the best at what you do. This page should help establish your credibility with your customer.

Product/Service Page

This page should cover all of the details of what you offer. Start with a high-level summary then drill into the details giving each sub-topic its own paragraph.

Contact Page

The contact page is where your visitors will go to reach out to you. Keep in mind that people often use the web in different ways and different preferred ways to contact you. Some people like to call, some like to email, and some like to submit a form, so we usually suggest you include all three options on this page.

Testimonials Page

Customer reviews will add social proof to your website. Your potential clients will know that you're a trusted brand. Gather up a handful of testimonials from throughout the internet and post them on your website, linking back to the source.

What should I write?

Feeling stuck? Here's what our copywriters recommend for what to write on each page of your website.


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